How to find the Best Handheld Vacuums for your needs 

Handheld vacuuming is one revolution in the cleaning industry and it seeks to bring further easiness to the process of cleaning your home. This particular kind of vacuum cleaner has its own advantages some of which beat the features of traditional vacuum cleaners. The core idea of handheld vacuum cleaners is to make cleaning convenient and compact.

You may be looking for one handheld vacuum cleaner for your home. Doing that, you might encounter certain dilemmas around your choice. Raising questions is a pertinent practice and we encourage it. Anyway, we bring to you a guide that helps you in finding the right handheld vacuum cleaner that suits your needs. Let us take a look at what you must consider. 

Weight and dimensions: 

The core idea of handheld vacuum cleaning is to make cleaning convenient. This can only be brought about when your machine does not carry around a lot of its own weight. If you seek a vacuum cleaner that goes easy on you, you can save money on features and go for a simple yet lighter model. 

The accessories: 

The accessories that come with a handheld vacuum cleaner form an important aspect of it. These accessories can significantly enhance its utility without giving too much trouble to you. There are accessories that perform certain specific tasks. Different companies offer completely different sets of accessories. You must consider going for the cleaner that comes packed with the solutions to your needs. 


Filters work tirelessly to trap harmful entities in the air sucked up through the hose. Thus, you will end up cleaning or even changing a filter every once in a while. It would be prudent if you choose a machine whose filters are easy on your pocket. You may even consider going for an HEPA filter which is highly capable of cleaning all the harmful elements. 


Maintenance of the cleaner itself: 

If your vacuum cleaner helps you in cleaning up your messes, you may have to clean the machine yourself at times in order to ensure its proper working. With regard to that, you should be inclined to a machine that is easier to clean. 

How long does it take for charging: 

Some handheld vacuum cleaners can charge up faster than the others. If going for recharges overnight do not bother you, you may go for those machines that prolong the process of charging. However, if the case is opposite, go for machines that charge up quickly. Moreover, recharge times have significant impacts on the battery backup. Do keep that in mind as well. 

How about wet messes: 

Some vacuum cleaners come with specialty techniques that are capable of sucking up wet messes as well. If wet cleaning is a part of your needs, do consider such machines. 

The capacity of the bag: 

The capacity of handling dust has a lot to do with the environment the cleaner is going to work in. Try to make a good estimate and buy one machine that is capacious enough for your needs. 

The above points are enough to help you make an informed decision. Happy vacuuming! 

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