How to add smoke to your Gas Grill? 

Grilling may have now become the very essence of your cooking. As a foodie, you must have gone on to try everything that every kind of grill offers. And, it is not a hidden fact that smoky flavor is something a foodie craves for. Charcoal may be the best for flavor but there are health hazards associated with them. Also, they are rather difficult to maintain. On the other hand, a gas grill is fairly easier to work with.

As an owner of a shining gas grill, you might be missing the succulent smoky flavor of the gas grill. You do not need to be too much sentimental now as there is a way of bringing smoke to your gas grill. It happens when a few steps are taken. We have listed down those particular steps here: 

Selecting the wood you would be using for smoke: 

There are different types of woods available and can be coupled with some specific food items for a perfect combination. Some of the woods that are available are hickory, mesquite, oak, cherry, and apple. Cherry and apple go well with vegetables, fish, and chicken while hickory and mesquite are apt for pork and beef. 

Preparing your woods: 

The wood chunks you have chosen need to undergo a little process before they are thrown into the fire. The steps involved are as follows: 

  • Get some water in a container and soak your wood chips in it. Allow them to soak for about an hour. This prevents flaring up of wood chips. 
  • Carve out a tray out of disposable aluminum foil and place your wood chips in it after smoking. 
  • Create a lid for this container with aluminum foil and plunge small holes in it in order to obtain smoke that escapes slowly while you cook. 

Using the woods for smoking: 

Once you have prepared your wood chips, stick to the following steps to add smoke to your food: 

  • Take off the grill grates from your gas grill and place the container you just created out of aluminum with the wood chips in it, over the burners but in one corner of the grill. 
  • Fire up your gas grill and let it preheat on high flame. Lower down the lid as you allow the grill to work for about 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • When you open the lid after this time, you should witness smoke coming out from your grill. Only allow this burner to work as you switch off the others. 
  • Now use the side of the grill that is far from the wood chips to smoke your meat and veggies. Remember not to chuck the food items right above the smoke or you may end up with a too much smoky flavor. 

That is pretty much it. You are ready with smoke on your gas grill. Rest assured the flavor resembles that of a charcoal grill. 

You should not now be waiting for the right opportunity to make smoke happen. Do it right away! 

Top 5 Outdoor Grills 

When it comes to grilling, outdoor is considered the most fitting environment for cooking your food. The outdoor grills lend a flavor to your food which remains unmatched by any other kind of grill. Most of the foodies love to take their barbecuing interests outdoors with a suitable grill in a suitable climate. While we may say that outdoor grills are top choices when it comes to the genre of grilling, there are subcategories as well. And the subcategories here are the specific grills that clash head-on with all the features they have to offer. We have worked out a list of top five outdoor grills that you may consider.

Let us take a look at what those cooking beasts are: 

Char-Broil Classic 

Char-Broil comes with its 4 burner gas grill for outdoor purposes. Three burners are primary and there is a side burner that boasts of 1000 BTU. This grill is a true value for money investment with so many burners. This 105 pound beast comes with a one year warranty for the chassis and 5 years for burners. 

The grill uses propane as its primary fuel and has its grates made out of cast iron. It does not come with any accessories but is a powerhouse in itself with a total of 40000 BTU. 

Another Char-Broil 

This particular model is Performance TRU and is powered by gas as well. The company has installed it with its essential infrared line composed of 443 plates of stainless steel acting as a source of radiation below its grates made of cast iron. There is a total of 3 burners installed on the grill. 

The 101 pounds weighing machine uses propane as its primary fuel and has a total power of 34000 BTU. It comes with a one year warranty and 5 years warranty on its burners. There are no accessories and the cooking area is about six hundred square inches. 

Broil King 

Broil King’s Baron 440 makes this list with its trademark “dual tube” burners that are capable of producing more heat than any other grill in the market. 

This grill is smaller in size and uses propane as its fuel. There are 4 powerful burners with a total of 50000 BTU and a cooking area of 644 inches squared. There is a warranty of 2 years and 10 years on its burners. 


Weber makes this list with its Genesis E-310 grill powered by gas. This grill has a total three burners carved out of high-quality stainless steel. The grill brags its “flavourizer bars”. 

This 170-pound grill uses propane as the fuel and boasts of 38000 BTU. The total cooking area is about 637 inches squared. There is a two-year warranty along with a 10-year warranty on the burners. 


Napoleon makes this list with its propane-powered LEX 485. This is arguably the best we have on this list. The grill comes with 3 main burners made out of stainless steel and 2 more infrared burners. 

This 175-pound grill comes with a whopping 74000 BTU and a cooking area totaled at 815 inches squared. There is a 10-year warranty on both body and burners. Also, there is a lot of accessories to choose from. 


The above-compiled list would prove helpful if you seek a good grill for yourself or if you just want to satiate your hunger for knowledge. Happy grilling!