What to consider when buying a Coffee Maker? 

Coffee has been your sole companion through every path and turns in your life. We know that you cannot live without coffee but at the same time, you cannot afford to rush to a coffeehouse just to get your favorite cup of coffee. You have been dying to buy a good coffee maker for your home. If you are the person we have been talking to, you need some help in buying a fitting coffee machine for yourself. Worry not as we are here with a little write-up that doubles up as buying guide when it comes to coffee makers. We are going to touch upon certain key aspects of the available coffee makers. Here we go. 

Get your options in place: 

There are infinitely many brands of coffee makers that have a lot of exotic features on offer. You can consider making a list of all such features and compare them side by side and work out and separate those that suit your needs. Moreover, there are many promises that a brand makes to its customers. You must consider looking up the repute of the brand you are considering. Things to look for include return policy, warranty period, exotic features and discounts. 

Work out the carafe you would be needing: 

There is a lot more to the stainless steel and glass carafes than hits the eye. A glass carafe allows you to enjoy the stately aroma of coffee while it brews. If that is what you are looking for, look no further and just grab the Best Keurig Coffee Makers 2018: Do NOT Buy Till You Read This!. A glass carafe is also easier to clean than the steel one for it can be tossed directly into the dishwasher. A steel carafe, on the other hand, requires of you to work on it for cleaning. Also, note that a steel carafe holds heats longer than a glass carafe can. 

How you would be going about cleaning the machine: 

Cleanliness of the coffee maker is an important part of brewing your coffee. Particles lingering from the previous brew have deteriorating effect on your brew. Your coffee maker must be kept clean at all times. Therefore, it is advisable that you go for a coffee maker that is easier to clean. 

How much addicted to coffee are you: 

You must be aware of the amount of intake of coffee you have for a day. There are machines that can brew all day long. There also is a machine that can brew and hold a lot of cups of coffee. Choose according to your needs. 

Check where the readings go: 

Coffee brewing (how-to) needs adequate surroundings in order for it to end up with your perfect cup. Always perform a double check on the environment your prospective coffee maker is capable of providing. There has to be an optimum temperature range and an optimum amount of coffee that goes into a cup. 

Consider the cost of brewing: 

Always remember that a coffee maker is not quite a one-time investment. There is a hell lot of maintenance that you would be engaging in. Prefer a coffee maker that is easier to maintain. 

So now you know what you need to consider before buying a coffee maker for yourself. Happy brewing! 

Irish Coffee Recipe with a Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer 

Coffee has always the sole companion sticking through everything with you. You cannot really get enough of coffee. You might be depressed without coffee. You may kill for coffee. If the preceding sentences sound familiar to you, you are on the right track! Your love for coffee is so profound that it transcends the realms of reality. You may even love to experiment with your coffee and take a culinary journey around the world with just coffee to drink.

Well then, any coffee lover would. This makes us bring you a cup of coffee all the way from Ireland. But you can brew it at the comfort of your home if you own a model of ninja coffee bar cf091 reviews by the Coffee Experts on Solidgoldeats.com. This revolutionary machine comes with a magical capability of bringing all the delights of coffee to you.With this recipe, we seek to exploit this capability by trying to brew some Irish coffee in this machine. Indeed, the attempt is going to be successful. So, let us begin without wasting much time. 

The things you are going to require: 

If you are a true coffee lover, you may be aware of the intricacies involved in brewing a perfect cup. It would not be wrong to say that everything has to be in its perfect place so that you end up with a cup that does not budge from the ideal aspects of coffee. With regard to that, here is a list of the items you would need to brew Irish coffee: 

  • The most important thing, a Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer model CF080, 
  • Segregate a tablespoon and 3 tablespoons of Irish whiskey in apt containers so as to use them separately during the brew. 
  • About half a cup filled with heavy cream 
  • 2 tablespoons filled with brown sugar 
  • 3 tablespoons of ground coffee; nothing more, nothing less 

When these items are ready on your kitchen shelf, you may kick-start your process of brewing coffee on the machine. 

The brewing process: 

It is not quite surprising that the versatility of the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer takes care of most of the work involved in brewing your coffee. However, there are certain steps you need to carry out with intense care so as to obtain a perfect cup of coffee. Those steps are: 

  • Get your hand on those switches and toggle the settings as: Switch size to cup and switch the brew to the essence of Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, that is, Specialty. 
  • Load the forever hungry brew basket with the three tablespoons of ground coffee, with respect to the ingredients stated above. 
  • Grab your brown sugar and pour it into a big mug and place the mug in its position to start brewing. 
  • With the switches set, start brewing. 
  • While the machine brews your coffee, beat the heavy cream along with a teaspoon of Irish whiskey and a teaspoon of brown sugar until you observe a formation of soft peaks. 
  • When the brew has been completed, pour the remnant whiskey.  
  • Segregate the coffee into 2 cups and place the whipped cream on top. 

Thus, your Irish coffee is ready. 

Try right away!