5 Things you should know before buying a Vacuum 

The convenience of a vacuum cleaner is something you must have been looking for pretty long now. The cleaning process seems to be rendered easier with the help of vacuum cleaners. What you see is pretty much true but there is a lot hidden under the hood of the machine you are observing. Your vacuum cleaner is a powerhouse and comes with certain intricacies that you must be aware of before going on to buy one for yourself. There are certain terms associated with a vacuum cleaner and certain aspects that make the machine what it is. We are going to touch upon certain things that you should be aware of before you go on to make a decision. Those things are as follows: 

The usage of the machine: 

It is pertinent to ask how much you should be using the machine you are going to buy. Well, you bought it for daily and so should it be used daily. But working with a vacuum cleaner about 1 or 2 times in a week should suffice for a healthy home environment. It also makes up for a lot of time if you are a corporate person who is often too much occupied with work. A proper cleaning every once in a while should do the trick for you. 

There are attachments: 

The vacuum cleaner – all of them available in the market – come with a set of attachments that seek to enhance their utility. There are floor brushes, carpet brushes and many such attachments dedicated to certain cleaning tasks. You must look to draw maximum advantage out of these tools. You may have issues cleaning car interiors and curtains but with a proper attachment, these issues can be easily solved. Moreover, there is something known as a crevice tool that is capable of reaching the most difficult of corners in your house. 

What the ratings on the machine mean? 

There are massive numbers written on the vacuum cleaners that boast of higher amps and volts. For your information, these numbers are mere measurements of the amount of power that your vacuum cleaner would draw. The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner depends on the suction it is capable of generating and the airflow through it. Moreover, the attachments tend to increase the utility further. 

Bagged or bagless: 

This particular aspect of vacuum cleaners has a lot to do with your personal choice. A vacuum cleaner that has no bags would not ask you for a change too often. However, you might need to change the filter installed on such a machine time and again which makes matters costly. 

The maintenance: 

While the vacuum cleaner is enough to keep your home clean, there is some care that this machine requires as well. You will need to clean your vacuum cleaner at times and may need to look for parts for replacement. 

So far, there are many things that may be hovering over your mind regarding an investment in vacuum cleaning. Keep these points in mind and go for it. Happy vacuuming! 

How to find the Best Handheld Vacuums for your needs 

Handheld vacuuming is one revolution in the cleaning industry and it seeks to bring further easiness to the process of cleaning your home. This particular kind of vacuum cleaner has its own advantages some of which beat the features of traditional vacuum cleaners. The core idea of handheld vacuum cleaners is to make cleaning convenient and compact.

You may be looking for one handheld vacuum cleaner for your home. Doing that, you might encounter certain dilemmas around your choice. Raising questions is a pertinent practice and we encourage it. Anyway, we bring to you a guide that helps you in finding the right handheld vacuum cleaner that suits your needs. Let us take a look at what you must consider. 

Weight and dimensions: 

The core idea of handheld vacuum cleaning is to make cleaning convenient. This can only be brought about when your machine does not carry around a lot of its own weight. If you seek a vacuum cleaner that goes easy on you, you can save money on features and go for a simple yet lighter model. 

The accessories: 

The accessories that come with a handheld vacuum cleaner form an important aspect of it. These accessories can significantly enhance its utility without giving too much trouble to you. There are accessories that perform certain specific tasks. Different companies offer completely different sets of accessories. You must consider going for the cleaner that comes packed with the solutions to your needs. 


Filters work tirelessly to trap harmful entities in the air sucked up through the hose. Thus, you will end up cleaning or even changing a filter every once in a while. It would be prudent if you choose a machine whose filters are easy on your pocket. You may even consider going for an HEPA filter which is highly capable of cleaning all the harmful elements. 

Maintenance of the cleaner itself: 

If your vacuum cleaner helps you in cleaning up your messes, you may have to clean the machine yourself at times in order to ensure its proper working. With regard to that, you should be inclined to a machine that is easier to clean. 

How long does it take for charging: 

Some handheld vacuum cleaners can charge up faster than the others. If going for recharges overnight do not bother you, you may go for those machines that prolong the process of charging. However, if the case is opposite, go for machines that charge up quickly. Moreover, recharge times have significant impacts on the battery backup. Do keep that in mind as well. 

How about wet messes: 

Some vacuum cleaners come with specialty techniques that are capable of sucking up wet messes as well. If wet cleaning is a part of your needs, do consider such machines. 

The capacity of the bag: 

The capacity of handling dust has a lot to do with the environment the cleaner is going to work in. Try to make a good estimate and buy one machine that is capacious enough for your needs. 

The above points are enough to help you make an informed decision. Happy vacuuming! 

What about the Filtration Vacuum Cleaners? 

If vacuum cleaning is something that has appealed to you and/or has made your life easier, then you must know that vacuum cleaning is, in fact, healthier than you might have imagined it to be. This facet may be attributed to the filters installed on these devices. The air and water that is sucked up through the hose pass through this filter before leaving the machine in a cleansed manner. Filtration in vacuum cleaning has its own advantages that give these machines an easy lead over any traditional cleaning method.

What filtration in vacuum cleaning really is and how it affects you are going to be the core ideas of the following discussion. Here we go. 

For bagless vacuum cleaners: 

Many vacuum cleaners available on the market are labeled ‘bagless’. The implication is direct that the machine does not require of you to change bags time and again. But there is a lot hidden in that statement. The bagless vacuum cleaners essentially consist of a filtration mechanism that has filters attached to the exhaust as well apart from being a part of the motor mechanism.  

There is also a process that involves the use of centrifugal force to separate dust particles from the air. There are, however, specialty filters such as the HEPA filter as well that take care of cleanliness in your home. The cleaning process involves pre-cleaning of the air with the help of cyclone technology, as in Dyson vacuum cleaners, then using the filter at the second stage to get rid of finer dust particles. 

For vacuum cleaners with bags: 

As the name suggests, these vacuum cleaners incorporate the use of filtration bags in the path of their air passage. The paper bags act as the primary filters before the air goes into the motor. The improved technology of vacuum cleaners includes a second stage of filtration with the help of a dedicated filter. This filter can be the much-celebrated HEPA filter that takes care of most of the finer dust particles. 

There are filters available that work close to the HEPA filters but such technologies do not offer much cleaning efficiency. It is to be noted that HEPA filters require powerful motors to function effectively. 

As a note, do remember that your vacuum cleaner does not lose its power of suction; it is the particles that clog the passage of air, leading to a reduction in suction. 

How is filtration helpful: 

Filtration in vacuum cleaning is central to the cleaning process at your home. A proper filtration would keep your home free from allergens and would provide a healthy and tolerable air for patients with airborne diseases. As a suggestion, please do research your prospective vacuum cleaner thoroughly before spending money as the features may be misleading. A proper filter can veritably be a life saver. 

Thus, we reach the end of this discussion. You have assimilated enough knowledge about the filtration vacuum cleaner and can go on to make a better choice with vacuum cleaners. Happy vacuuming!